Unloading platform

With rising labor cost an ever-growing safety requirements on construction sites everyone is looking for solutions that can influence the financial result. That’s why Strumin company decided to introduce the possibility of long-term lease of specialized unloading platforms.

Platforms manufactured by Strumin meet even the strictest safety standards, are both sturdy and easy to transport. Our design was inspired by frequent queries from construction site managers who were looking for the best, safe solution.

Advantages of the platform:

Significant reduction of construction costs due to easy and fast transport of materials.

Unloading level aligned with floor level – easy transport of entire palettes.

Safety ensured by strong and sturdy structure as well as meeting all occupational safety requirements.

Fast and easy erection, platform can be relocated within 10 minutes.

Bright coloring – good visibility at the construction site.

The front of the platform opens, allowing for transport of very long elements.

Reinforced structure up to 4000kg

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General characteristics

Intended use

Unloading platform is used to transport materials from the construction site to different floors of the building as well as from the building to the construction site. It serves as a temporary platform for storing palletized materials with total weight of up to 2200 kg with 2 persons operating the platform. The material can be transported with a crane or a forklift operating on the building floor, or handled manually.


The platform is designed for quick assembly. Moving the platform between floors using a crane takes about 10 minutes. Prior to assembly on site you will have to prepare all elements according to instructions. After proper erection of supports and securing all the elements you can proceed with vertical transport. After properly aligning the front of the platform with the floor extend the supports and brace them against the floor. After completing all erection activities check if all elements have their holes secured with pins and split pins. The unloading platform is equipped with special holders for vertical transport.

Additional technical details will be provided to you by our sales representative – please feel free to contact us.

Reinforced structure up to 4000kg

1. Mounting to PERI steel props

2. Platform transport lugs

3. Tread plate floors

4. Safety gate

5. Safety harness anchors

Technical characteristics

The unloading platform is a steel structure which serves as a platform for temporary storage of construction materials. The platform was made of S235JR steel. It is protected against corrosion by a coat of paint. All elements of the platform are manufactured to meet safety standards.

In accordance with Minister’s notice from 28th August 2003 concerning occupational health and safety the platform has been equipped with 15cm toe-boards as well as technical guardrails with intermediate railing preventing from falls at mid-height (beneath the main rail).

The platform floor surface is covered with 3 mm thick anti-slip tread plate.

The unloading platform is designed as a steel support structure to be mounted between floors using PEP ERGO D-400 steel prop.

The platform is transported around the construction site with a crane, afterwards the platform remains suspended until its installation is completed.

The technical platform has four fixing plates welded to the load bearing component, to serve for transporting the platform. The upper handrail of the technical guardrail has anchors for safety harnesses.

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  • Width: 1460mm
  • Length: 6000mm
  • Weight: 650kg
  • Working weidth: 1270mm
  • Working length: 3500mm
  • Permissible load: 4000kg
  • Width: 1685mm
  • Length: 6000mm
  • Weight: 720kg
  • Working weidth: 1510mm
  • Working length: 3500mm
  • Permissible load: 4000kg
  • Width: 2360mm
  • Length: 6000mm
  • Weight: 850kg
  • Working weidth: 2200mm
  • Working length: 3500mm
  • Permissible load: 4000kg